Adventure on the Tattered Fringes!

Humanity has left its cradle and has become a full member of the galactic community. For thousands of years, the Galactic Alliance has ensured all species the rights of self-determination. Every being in the galaxy is considered equal and has a full list of basic rights, and the political, economic and military might of the Alliance ensures that these rights are upheld.

At least, that’s how it’s supposed to work.

Over the past generation, these rights have eroded. Cabals of industry and finance have spent lavishly, and not entirely legally, to influence and outright bribe members of the Galactic Parliament. For the right price, industrial concerns can write laws and have Parliament enact them over the concerns of their citizens. News conglomerates and the Alliance’s own propaganda arm have coordinated campaigns to convince citizens that a new era of prosperity is around the corner even as their rights erode and their economic situation becomes increasingly fraught.

Those in the Galatic Core have barely noticed the changes. Those out on the fringes of the galaxy have been the ones to feel the brunt. Abuses of power can run rampant, collusion between government and industry happen more or less openly, news can be censored and law enforcement can be bought out to serve as mercenaries for corporate interests. Taxation in the form of “fees” by private industry runs rampant, adding onto the high taxes charged by corrupt officials lining their own pockets.

On the fringes of the galaxy, there’s a lot of gray area between what’s legal and illegal, what’s ethical and unethical. To make a living, sometimes a being has to play outside of the rules…rules that were stacked against them to start. Some beings have decided to play by the same amoral rules that the corporations that oppress them and their puppets in the government play by. Others hold their own ethical code, walking in a shadow world between law-abiding citizens and cut-throat criminals, hated by both and yet useful to both.

This is the story of one such band of beings.

Beyond the Stars

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