Beyond the Stars

The Pirate Trap

Joakim receives a message from fellow Order member Wikolia “Wiki” Honda asking for him to come to Outpost Breton with his fellow adventurers. Meeting her on the space station at Tarsas’ Tea House, the group hears from the Majmun merchant Saraf that cargo ships have been going missing after leaving Outpost Breton, never arriving at their final destination of Sivatag. Saraf has discovered a group of pirates have been hacking into the flight plan database of the outpost, somehow intercepting them during their hyperspace travel. Wiki states she asked Joakim and his fellow travelers to pose as harmless merchants, file a plan with a rich cargo manifest and then see what happens. A mercenary group will be flying the exact route as the party, so all they have to do is stay alive until the mercs arrive. The party agrees to the plan.

As the characters are leaving, a band associated with the pirates comes into the tea house and attacks. Wiki is shot in the hand and Saraf is shot in the back. The party manages to defeat the band, leaving the tea house a wreck in their wake.

The party get Wiki and Saraf to medical attention and continue with the plan. Traveling toward Sivatag, they are stopped by an unknown, uncharted obstruction. A group of pirates somehow found an artificial gravity well projector, using the information they hacked on Outpost Breton to stop ships mid-route. The pirate captain Teunissen offers them a chance to surrender and turn over their cargo; he is obviously lying about allowing them safe passage afterward. The party instead responds with laser fire. The pirate starfighters prove to be evasive but so is the party, and soon the mercs show up on the scene and blast the starfighters and the gravity well projector. Teunissen escapes by the skin of his teeth.

Arriving back to Outpost Breton, the party finds that Wiki and Saraf have both survived their wounds. They receive the reward that Saraf put together to stop the attacks.



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