Berbulus are one of the many diverse land-based species found on the islands of Oraia. They are small creatures and resemble nothing so much as a fat, furry worm. They are primarily found attached to trees in small “clusters”, slowly undulating up the trunks to the leaves that serve as thier primary food source. A troop can clear huge sections of leaf cover from a tree, allowing sunlight to reach the jungle floor. This makes them an exceptionally important part of the native ecosystem of Oraia.

These creatures are able to survive in the heat of Oraia’s jungles through excellent heat radiation through their stiff, coarse fur. Their rich brown fur is also part of their defense strategy; it is an excellent match to the color of Oraia’s tree trunks. This allows berbulus to “play dead” and blend into their surrounding when predators arrive. Their fur also gives them an excellent sense of touch, including being able to sense nearby vibrations; this sense helps to trigger their defense strategies.

Berbulus are social creatures; if you find one, you’ll likely find several more. They are reasonably intelligent creatures that exhibit some intra-troop communication to signal food or danger. The only time berbulus go off on their own is when they are ready to give birth, which establishes a new troop. Berbulus don’t have much defense beyond blending into their surroundings and as such reproduce often, in litters of three on average. This helps to ensure that the loss of an entire troop, which often happens when a predator finds one, does not overly impact the global population.

Native to: Oraia
Type: Grazing/Browsing Herbivore (mammalian)
Locomotion: Climbing primary/slithering secondary
Average size: 3 1/2" long
Symmetry: Bilateral
Limbs: None
Tail: None
Skeleton: Internal
Skin: Thick fur
Respiration: Air-breathing
Metabolism: Warm-blooded
Growth Style: Continuous Growth
Reproduction: Asexual Parthenogenesis; Live-bearing; Moderate r-strategy; 3 per litter.
Herd Behavior: Troops averaging seven members


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