Larriak are a mammalian feline-type species native to Rohune. They are bipedal carnivores standing approximately 6’ with tawny-beige fur and retractable black claws on both their feet and hands. They have developed four finger-like appendages on their hands and have lost their tail in their evolutionary path. They have feline eyes that can come in a variety of colors, the most common of which is brown but variants of green, blue and yellow are seen as well.

Proto-larriak were apex predators that ruled the vast grasslands. Living in harem packs of one male and several females, as well as their young, they stalked and chased after prey using the tall grasses and their superior senses to their advantage. Intrapack communication seems to have spurred the development of intelligence in proto-larriak.

Larriak still arrange families upon the basis of harems. Polygamy is nearly universal among larriak who choose to remain in their native culture for mating; it is sometimes seen even among inter-species family groups with a larriak male. Citizenship in Larriak Homespace is granted upon the acceptance of a second wife. Though polygamy is the norm in larriak culture, it is unlike ancient Earth notions in terms of how it functions. Larriak females are the only larriak who can propose marriage, and they are the only ones that can instigate a divorce. In order to gain an invitation of marriage, a young male larriak must go forth and prove himself to be worth of the attention of a female larriak. Once the first marriage is complete, arranging a marriage beyond the first is much harder as larriak females consider themselves to be wed not only to the male but to their fellow wives as well. Children from any wife are considered children of the group as a whole, and as such larriak children often have one father and many mothers.

Naturally gifted as hunters, the abundance of unattached males has resulted in many larriak becoming bounty hunters, mercenaries and bodyguards. Most are formidable fighters naturally and many study to become even more so. A human fighting a larriak one-on-one is almost assuredly at a disadvantage, as are many other species. However, larriak are rarely used as simply “dumb muscle” as the species tends to be tactical in its thinking. There are larriak in all fields of enterprise in the galaxy, but the ones devoted to the martial arts are the most noticeable in the greater galaxy.

Larriak in general are considered to be “cocky” by galactic standards. Though considered true of most larriak, the males are particularly considered prone to arrogance. Most larriak believe that other species are falsely humble as their own culture believes that to honestly state one’s capabilities is important in establishing oneself in society and toward establishing family groups. Larriak tend to not have a particularly strong sense of humor by most species’ standards and react poorly to sarcasm and ribbing, often taking great offense at things meant to be taken as a joke. As such, many humans find them to be both arrogant and dour, though this depends greatly on the attitude of a given larriak and human being. On the positive side, most beings consider larriak to be exceptionally brave, and admire their species ability to shut out pain and distractions while trying to accomplish even the most difficult and complex of tasks.

Racial Template for play:

IQ 11 [20 points]
HT 12 [20 points]

Secondary Attributes
HP +5 [10 point]
FP +5 [15 points]
Basic Move +1 [5 points]

Acute Hearing 4 [8 points]
Acute Taste/Smell 4 [8 points]
Discriminatory Smell [15 points]
Fearless 2 [4 points]
Fit [5 points]
Perfect Balance [15 points]
Sharp Claws [5 points]
Sharp Teeth [2 points]
Telescoping Vision 4 [20 points]

Incurious (12) [-5 points]
Overconfidence (Males only) [-5 points]
Proud (Quirk, Females only) [-1 point]
Selfish (12) (Males only) [-5 points]
Serious (Quirk) [-1 point]
Species Chauvinism (Quirk) [-1 point]

Male Template Cost: 143 points
Female Template Cost: 153 points
GM Notes: Because of their very high base template, Larriak characters will tend to have lower skills, relying on their inborn talents and skill specialization to compensate for the far fewer points they have to work with after applying the racial template.


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