Majmun are a sapient four-armed simian-type species native to Sivatag in the Erdnomi Sector. They are an egg-laying species despite their mammalian physiology, not uncommon on their desert homeworld. They average approximately 4 1/2’ in height and exhibit minor sexual dimorphism with slightly smaller females. They have a light layer of sandy beige fur across their entire body with disproportionally large eyes and ears. They are a bipedal species with four arms. They use their “first” set of arms to handle fine motor control tasks; their second pair is longer, rangier and less dexterous than their first arms. Due to Majmun having a generally hunched-over poster, these arms tend to rest knuckles against the ground when the majmun is at a standstill or while running; while walking, majmun take a more upright posture that leaves them hanging somewhat off the ground.

The ancestors of the majmun were well adapted to their desert habitat. These proto-majmun relied upon succulent, high-energy desert flora for both food and water. To discourage predation, many plants evolved to only bear fruit high off the ground. Majmun were able to fit their niche in their ecosystem by becoming skilled climbers, using their second arms to help them climb while their first arms handled more delicate tasks in retrieving this fruits. Proto-majmun also developed extra efficient metabolisms and fat stores that are still retained in current-day majmun.

Majmun evolved as solitary creatures, unsurprising in their native desert environment. Pairs do not mate bond and even today notions of “family” are of little importance in Majmun society. In the earliest days of majmun culture, mothers would lay eggs and guard over them until hatching; at hatching, the mother would leave fruit behind and let the brood fight to see which ones were strong enough to eat their fill while the rest starved. Today, majmun recognize this as being barbaric, but this cannot make them feel any stronger of a parental tie. Commonly, females lay their fertilized eggs at a hatching center, where the eggs are cared for and nurtured by specially trained staff. Majmun have generally low sex drives; they evolved to “go into heat” in terms of fertility on a biannual cycle. Combined with their generally solitary nature, this helps keep the birth rate of majmun at reasonable levels.

Majmun on Sivatag and Majmun Homespace are ruled by the Majmun All-Council, in what is generally acknowledged to be an oligarchy. Given their natural background, this arrangement is also not entirely surprising. Early majmun society was strongly structured around the power inherent in discovering and hoarding food sources, and those with the ability to find and hoard the most food sources were considered to be leaders. Access to resources still defines notions of self-worth for majmun, particularly those born and raised in Majmun Homespace. Even those born or living elsewhere still tend to judge themselves and others by their economic station and as such have occasionally gained a stereotypical reputation in the galaxy as being unscrupulous, greedy schemers. One area that does not define Majmun is gender; there is equality between gender between sexes because, as is sometimes overheard in majmun discussion, “What’s between your legs is far less important than what’s in your bank account.”


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