Outpost Breton

Outpost Breton is a Stanford Torus (or “bicycle wheel”) space station located in the Duuma System and provides a spectacular view of the binary stars Duuma I & Duuma II. For most beings, however, Outpost Breton is much better known as the last outpost in Federation space before entering into Majmun Homespace. As such, it is a major trade hub and the first experience many Majmun have with the galaxy at large as well as the “gateway” to the Majmun capital of Sivatag.

The station itself is somewhat old in terms of design and aesthetics. The interior of the station is mainly the original, exposed dull copper plating. Exposed water, air, power and waste piping systems further add to the utilitarian look of Outpost Breton. The station is clearly designed for functionality, not for beauty. Perhaps inevitably, the denizens of the station have taken to decorating the bland walls and ceilings, and this often handmade art enlivens an otherwise sterile environment.

As might be expected, approximately half of the more-or-less permanent population of the station is Majmun, though beings of all kinds can be found on board. Several major trading interests based on Sivatag have offices on Outpost Breton, as well as innumerable smaller shipping companies and independent contractors. There is a bustling trade market as well, particular among those who come from deeper within the Galactic Core trading for goods and foodstuffs from Sivatag that are not found in the rest of the galaxy.

Outpost Breton has developed a reputation for being a hub of smuggling and other black-market activity. Lower-tech but still very deadly and/or illegal items manufactured on Sivatag can be purchased here. The generally complacent security staff of the station tends not to be overly thorough in their investigations unless a major incident has occured; even then, the general low-quality of recruits sent to an out-of-the-way sector and then posted to an even more out-of-the-way station means that it usually takes FJA involvement to solve anything more than a routine, obvious crime.

Outpost Breton

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