Middleman, Antiquities Dealer and "Problem Solver"


Ejan is one of the bigger enigmas in the underworld of the Erdnomi Sector. As if to underscore this point, no one knows if Ejan is his first name, his last name, a pseudonym or perhaps even an honorific in some unknown language. No one knows if he is a native of the Erdnomi Sector. What is known is that Ejan has an uncommon grace and civility for a member of the criminal underworld, and that his operation is one of the more quietly successful in this region of space.

Ejan’s niche is that of a middleman. So far as anyone can tell, he does not employ his own permanent “crew”, nor does he plan crimes of his own volition. Instead, his crews are independent contractors and his crimes are done at the behest of powerful patrons who wish to maintain their respectable reputations. These patrons wish to be able to distance themselves from their illegal requests, and Ejan himself lets his contractors know that they are deniable assets. If arrested, contractors should not expect Ejan to rescue them and they definitely should not mention him to the police. If so, Ejan will be very disappointed. And when Ejan is disappointed, beings have a way of disappearing, permanently.

Ejan appears to be in his mid-50s. He has grey hair and often very short grey stubble. His face is severe and dour, with piercing blue eyes that seem to always be evaluating whatever they look upon. He favors well-tailored business attire, subtle in its elegance.


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